PROTECTIVE SHOE COVERS Disposable Boot and Shoe Covers [528-xl] - $89.00 : Rapicom, Inc. **1.888.367.3423** GSA Contract #GS-35F-0432M



Co-polymer Shoe Covers fits up to size 15 shoe. The 528 series fits over many sizes of work boots (see figure 2). Extra large opening, textured waterproof material is thicker and stronger than PE Shoe Covers and can be worn multiple times depending on usage. 528 Series Covers will sell for $75.00 per case of 200/pairs. CALL FOR VOLUME PRICING 888 727-4266 OR EMAIL

Thank you for your interest in the all new and improved NON SLIP shoe covers. The boot covers are used to prevent your techs from tracking dirt and mud throughout a clean office or home. Most divisions use a pair outside then put a new pair on before entering a building.
(Color comes in blue only).

These covers prevent Customer Complaints and Cleaning Bill!

*These covers are also known as :
*Non Slip Boot Covers
*Non Slip Shoe Covers
*Protective Boot Covers
*Protective Shoe Covers
*Protective Footwear
*Protective Boot Cover
*Protective Shoe Covers
*Water Resistant Boot Covers
*Water Resistant Shoe Covers
*Waterproof Boot Covers
*Waterproff Shoe Covers
*Reusable Boot Covers
*Reusable Shoe Covers
*Plastic Shoe Covers
*Plastic Boot Covers

  • Model: 528-xl