PROTECTIVE SHOE COVERS Disposable Boot Covers and Shoe Covers [531-XL] - $165.00 : Rapicom, Inc. **1.888.367.3423** GSA Contract #GS-35F-0432M



Rapicom is pleased to announce our new waterproof shoe covers for the fall and winter. We have improved our 531 series shoe covers with a waterproof material and a water tight seal, preventing water and mud from slowly leaking out of the shoe cover. (see figure 1)
We have also been able to reduce the cost of the 531 Series Covers to sell for only $165.00 per case of 200/pairs. (Color comes in white only).

These covers prevent Customer Complaints and Cleaning Bill!

*These covers are also known as :
*Non Slip Boot Covers
*Non Slip Shoe Covers
*Protective Boot Covers
*Protective Shoe Covers
*Protective Footwear
*Protective Boot Cover
*Protective Shoe Covers
*Water Resistant Boot Covers
*Water Resistant Shoe Covers
*Waterproof Boot Covers
*Waterproff Shoe Covers
*Reusable Boot Covers
*Reusable Shoe Covers
*Plastic Shoe Covers
*Plastic Boot Covers

  • Model: 531-XL

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